Are you a Side Chick?

The Warning Signs

So ladies a lot of us have been here before. You meet a guy that you are attracted to and you really want to get to know him. Most of your conversations are via text message and he rarely calls. He asks to come to your house for Netflix and chill instead of asking you out. While you aren’t 100% comfortable with this you allow it because you are attracted to him and he seems cool. One thing leads to another and you end up sleeping together. Instead of sleep spending the night with you he decides that he wants to go home. This same routine goes on for months.

He never takes you on dates and if he does it’s late at night. When you do make plans to go out he cancels frequently. You never meet his family or friends. He claims he doesn’t have a Facebook or never adds you. When you ask to make a commitment he states that he is not ready for a relationship. As many of us know these are the signs that you may be a side chick.

Side Chick Culture

Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is more acceptable for people especially men to cheat. You see memes and skits all over social media about side chicks and side n*ggas. People even come up with these rules on how side chicks should conduct themselves and how men should treat them.  A lot of men are open about being with more than one woman. Many don’t even try to cover up their infidelity. Some women are unaware that they are side chicks, while others knew from the beginning of the relationship and were cool with it. It seems as if monogamy is becoming less common in this generation.

The Web Series

Ashley McArthur used this “side chick culture” as the basis for her web series appropriately titled Side Chick.  Gabrielle Briana plays “Lynn” who is tired of being the other woman. Lynn is ready to be in a monogamous relationship with an honest man, but finding love isn’t easy for her. You can currently watch season one of Side Chick in its entirety on Youtube. Side Chick is currently accepting donations for season two via their website.

Check Out Side Chick below! Let me know your thoughts on the show and side chick culture in the comment section below!

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