Are You Here for the Hello Cupid Reboot?

The Original

Black & Sexy TV’s web series Hello Cupid premiered on their YouTube channel in 2013. It was the story of two friends, Robyn (Hayley Marie Norman) and Whitney (Ashley Blaine Featherson), who conducted a social experiment via an online dating site. Whitney who is dark-skinned used the photo of light-skinned Robyn on her profile. Robyn ended up regretting her decision to conduct the experiment when she developed feelings for a single father (Cassius AKA Proud Dad) who didn’t even know who she really was.

Hello Cupid ran for 3 seasons. It ended up becoming one of Black & Sexy TV’s most popular shows. Hello Cupid was one of 3 Black & Sexy series to air on BET.  The final episode aired in the fall of 2014. It ended on a cliffhanger and left viewers wondering what became of Whitney and Proud Dad’s relationship. Much to the dismay of fans, Numa and Dennis (founders of Black & Sexy TV), announced that the original Hello Cupid series had ended. Stars Hayley Marie Norman and Ashley Blaine Featherson left Black & Sexy to work in TV and movies. Numa and Dennis revealed that Hello Cupid would be rebooted with a new cast and storyline.

The Reboot

This past summer Black & Sexy began posting teasers for the Hello Cupid reboot. The reboot will focus on long-time friends Baron (Stephen Barrington) and Derrick (Darryl Wesley II) as they compete to gain the affection of the same woman. The Series will also feature some of the characters from other Black & Sexy series like Sexless and Chef Julian. The Reboot trailer has received mixed reviews from Black & Sexy viewers. Some commented that they aren’t happy with the change of the storyline and the cast. Other viewers are looking forward to the new story and characters. If the Hello Cupid reboot is anything like Black & Sexy’s other series it won’t disappoint.

The Hello Cupid Reboot premieres today. You can watch the series by subscribing to the Black & Sexy Now subscription service. For now, check out the reboot teaser below and leave your thoughts in the comment section!!