Cream X Coffee: Are You Down with the Swirl?

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Can You Be Pro-Black and Date Whites?

What happens when a conscious, pro-black, natural haired, dashiki wearing woman hooks up with a white man? Is she a coon, a sell-out, and/or the white man’s bed wench? Is she a fake or a phony? Can a person be pro-black and conscious if they sleep with or date white people? Is it a form of self-hate or are people allowed to love who they choose? These questions are answered in Cream x Coffee.

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Series creator Nakia Stephens tells the story of, Dionne (Danielle Maner), a black woman who hooks up with a white guy after a night of partying. This makes her question her beliefs about interracial dating. Is Dionne down for the swirl or is she all about the chocolate?!

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  • Tracy Danielle

    Loved it can’t wait to see the next episode.