Coming Home: Are you a Ride or Die Chick?

Coming Home

YouTube channel: Dope Ego TV

Genre: Drama

Starring: Britney Coleman, Whitney Johnson, and Rileek Smith

Britney Coleman stars as Mahogany a “ride or die chick” that remains faithful to her boyfriend during his prison term. That all changes when she meets Ryan a handsome stranger that makes her rethink situation, but will her man’s past affect her future?

Are you a ride or die chick?

Because of the number of Black men in prison being in a relationship with an inmate has become more common among black women. We see women “holding down” inmates in the media and on reality TV. These women spend years of lonely, sleepless, and sexless nights waiting on a man to come home. When their men finally do come home this brings on a new set of challenges. Can he find employment? Will he go back to the street life? Is he is going to remain faithful to the woman who held him down for so many years? These are questions that the women must ask themselves.

What would you do if you were in Mahogany’s shoes? Watch Coming Home and comment your thoughts below!