YouTube Channel: Nightlife Web Series

Genre: Hood Drama

So in my quest to find content to bring my readers I stumbled across Nightlife. It’s very different from the web series that I usually watch. I mostly watch romantic dramas and comedies. This series is more hood, but I’m all about supporting black web series so I decided I would watch it. Nightlife began in January of this year, so I was able to binge watch 11 episodes. I must say I actually enjoyed the series.

Nightlife focuses on the lives of NYC party promoters Triple D, and P as well as Tanisha, Yasmin, London, and some of the other women in their lives. Some of the guys are in long-term relationships, some have baby mamas, and some just sleep around with various women. Ladies we all know about the club promoters. Excuse my French but a lot of them are fuck boys. Most of them sleep with multiple women that they met in the clubs and the ones with girlfriends are probably cheating on them. These aren’t the kind of men you want to take home to meet your family. Personally I wouldn’t mess with them at all, but maybe they are not all bad.

Not only does the series focus on the various relationship these promoters have with women, but it also focuses on the business of being a promoter. Some of the guys find out that you have to be careful who you trust and do business with. This is another great series. I think that it appeals to both male and female audiences and I highly recommend you watch!

Check out the first Episode below! Comment your thoughts below!!