Herbs and Honesty: Police Violence

Willard Hill is a 420 friendly singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer originally from New Orleans. Hill’s music has been featured in various Black and Sexy TV shows such as Rider and Sexless.  In his new show Herbs and Honesty Hill discusses various topics from drug culture to dating. He incorporates history as well as experiences from his own life.

Herbs and Honesty is usually a lighthearted show, however in light of the current events Hill took the time to address a serious topic.  On July 6, 2016, the day after Alton Sterling’s murder, Hill gave his thoughts on the incident. He had no idea that on the same day Philando Castile would be fatally shot by a Minnesota police officer. Hill empathized with Sterling’s son, but he struggled to find a solution.  Check out the video below.

So what can we do to combat police brutality and unjustified murders of Black people? Some believe that we should continue to have peaceful protests. Others believe that the protests are not enough.  People all over the world have been protesting with Black Lives Matter and the police still kill our people. Some people believe that we have to arm ourselves against the police and go to war, but will that create more unnecessary blood shed? Should we write to our congress people and try to get the laws changed?  It seems like the police already aren’t following the law when it comes to black people. Should we stop spending our money at white owned businesses? Will the loss of the black dollar be enough to get the police to stop killing our people? I believe take a variety of tactics to make a change. My heart goes out to the families, the children, and everyone effected by the murders. #blacklivesmatter

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