Go Fund Me: Griffin Movie

Will Catlett is an amazing actor. He is best known for his roles as Mike in the Black & Sexy TV series That Guy and Charlie on the Web series First. He wants to complete his own film, Griffin, but he needs our support. Griffin is the “coming of age story about four young men who become father figures for each other” (Will Catlett). The story is set in Virginia during the 90s. Catlett is a native of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area who moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

Some of Catlett’s inspiration for the film came from his own experiences growing up. His sister’s drug addiction caused a lot of tension in his household. Catlett, who is a youth mentor, believes that his film will have a positive impact on the youth. He wants show young males who didn’t grow up in the best environments that they can still head on the path of righteousness.

According to Catlett, “The current trailer of Griffin is a concept trailer and is not yet complete. It was shot to give viewers an idea of how the film will look and feel.” He still needs funds to complete the actual movie. This is where you come in. Catlett has set up a go fund me for the movie and you can donate at griffinmovie.com

If you want to see more black faces on your TV and in the movies we have to support film makers, actors, and writers! Make sure you donate whatever you can to Will Catlett’s Griffin Movie!

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