Black and Sexy Baby!

A year after the release of his 2008 film, A Good Day to be Black and Sexy, Dennis Dortch founded Black and Sexy TV alongside Numa Perrier, Brian Ali Harding, and Jeanine Daniels. It began as YouTube Channel featuring original series appealing to black millennials. Black and Sexy TV developed a huge YouTube following and produced many successful web series. Some of Black and Sexy’s most popular shows were, The Couple, That Guy, and Roomieloverfriends.

Aiming to grow their company and gain the revenue needed to continue producing content Black and Sexy launched a paid streaming service called Black & Sexy Now in 2015. For just $6.99 a month and $60 if you prepay for the year you can have access to all Black & Sexy’s series, talk shows, and films. If you can afford a Netflix subscription you can afford to support this Black owned streaming service. Right now Black & Sexy is offering a 14 day free trial to their service.

Black and sexy has provided opportunities to black actors looking to get their start in the business. Many of Black and Sexy’s actors such as Andra Fuller (Roomieloverfriends, Black Jesus, and Here We go Again), and Hayley Marie Norman (Hello Cupid, Top Five, and Beyond the Lights) have gone on to star in feature films. One thing I love about Black and Sexy is that they tell the stories of everyday black people without resorting to the same overused stereotypes.

Some of my favorite shows on Black and Sexy TV are:

Sexless – A series about four friends with nonexistent sex lives.
Chef Julian – The story of a young bachelor whose “player” ways get the best of him
The Number – A series about a man who struggles to accept his fiancée’s past promiscuity.

Black and Sexy regularly releases new content. They are currently accepting series and film submissions from black filmmakers. What better way is there to support black film makers, actors, and writers than to subscribe to Black and Sexy? This is a Black owned business! Personally I am a huge fan of Black and Sexy TV. I will be discussing and reviewing a lot of their series on this blog. Black and Sexy no longer posts full episodes of their newest show to YouTube, so you must subscribe. Don’t miss out on some phenomenal content!

Check out the trailer below and click the link to sign up for your 14 day free trial!

 Black & Sexy Now


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