Welcome to Ebony Episodes!

Welcome to my new website ebonyepisodes.com

Ebony Episodes is my entertainment blog that features and discusses black web series and indie films. There are some really great series and films many people don’t know about that’s why I created this site. I will also discuss some of the streaming services where you can watch black films and shows.

For at least the past 10 years I’ve heard black people complain that there are not enough black images on TV or in films, or that the images we do see are stereotypical and negative. The stories of everyday black people just weren’t being told in mainstream media. So how do we change this?  We change it by supporting black filmmakers, actors, writers, and producers.

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  • beautifulglenda

    Great first post Michelle. Keep up the good work and I’m proud of you!!!!!

    • Ebony Episodes

      Thank You!

  • HarveyJonzz

    Good job very good 👍😀

    • Ebony Episodes

      Thank You